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Product Image No. 777 Texas Holdem Deck (JUMBO Index)

No. 777 Texas Holdem Deck (JUMBO Index)


Made in PRC. 100% Plastic, Textured-feel Cards.

*Thick, textured feel just like COPAG/Modiano*

Based in China, Jiangsu Benniu Playing Cards is a leading manufacturer of 100% plastic playing cards in Asia. There are other China made cards with similar box design, but this deck is one of the top grade decks made by BENNIU.

The BENNIU No. 777 Texas Holdem Jumbo Index Deck comes in either Blue or Red colour. The back design is very similar to the COPAG Export design.

Each box consists of 1 deck of 100% Plastic Poker Size (2.50" x 3.5") JUMBO Index BENNIU cards which are durable, waterproof and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. A free cut card is included inside this deck for you to conceal the bottom of the deck when dealing.

Perfect for Texas Holdem Poker, the bigger font on the cards allows greater visibility for players seated around the poker table.

Product details
Each deck contains
- 52 poker cards plus jokers
- Free Benniu cut card
- Sealed in a box